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Dorothy Orszulak

Hi Sarah,


I use Jeff Poole and highly recommend him for exactly what you say – reliability.  He offers handyman services, such as wall repair, painting (interior & exterior), plumbing, electrical, carpentry, insulation, gutter cleaning, furniture repair, install floating floors, and so much more. If he can do the work, he lets you know. Conversely, if he can't, he lets you know as well.


He takes the time to do things right, keeping his work and being reliable.  That’s what I really appreciate about him.  You can reach him at 617-512-2290.


Good luck!




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Good Morning,


This is my first time on Lincoln Talk so not exactly sure how it works but here goes.  Does anyone know a RELIABLE handy man/woman who can do small jobs - tile grout, small repairs, painting, etc - at a reasonable price?  Emphasis is on RELIABLE.


Thank you.




On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 6:54 AM, Keith Bostic <[hidden email]> wrote:

We've been very happy with Tim Siok Landscaping & Outdoor Services.


Tim and his family live in Lincoln, off Tower Rd.  He's reliable and a great choice for snow plowing and landscaping.


Timothy Siok Landscaping & Outdoor Services

6 Millstone Lane

Lincoln, MA 01773

<a href="tel:%28413%29281-9879" target="_blank">(413)281-9879

Keith Bostic
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