[LincolnTalk] tweeting from State of the Town meeting today

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[LincolnTalk] tweeting from State of the Town meeting today

Audrey Kalmus
Hi everyone,

Some of us thought it would be helpful if people knew how Town Meeting was progressing, for example if they were interested in a particular agenda item but had other commitments during the meeting and couldn't wait for that item to come up. We thought that tweeting from the meeting as each agenda item came up could be helpful. People could track the progress of the meeting and head over when their item was next on the docket.

I'll be testing this out today. Anyone who is on Twitter and interested can follow me at  "a kalmus" to see the tweets. If you do follow the tweets, please send me feedback about how you like it! I don't plan to tweet other than for this.

If you're interested in getting updates but don't have a Twitter account (and don't want to create one for this purpose), please also let me know. 


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