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Lindentreefarm Csa
This morning it was beautiful and gentle and even sunny after all that rain.
Who knew (aside from horse people) that horses would choose to eat the
wet, brown leaves on the ground over the grass...
What is in the leaves that they like?

DId you know that when you go shopping at Whole Foods or Crosby's,
maybe even Donelans, or maybe anywhere...that when you buy from the
deli counters you can ask for your sliced cheese and meats to be
wrapped in paper and not enclosed in a plastic bag? like they do the
And you can probably hand them the paper containers they use for the
food bars and soups to get your order of prepared goodies like egg
salad, etc. instead of using the plastic shells that everything is
placed in...

Small actions for the planet.

Best wishes for a good holiday.
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