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What happens to material in the metal dumpster at the town transfer station? I would have to assume it gets processed differently than regular trash, otherwise why would it have a separate dumpster right? 

The reason Im asking is, I have a small collection of metal trash that Ive saving for a haul to the transfer station, rather than putting it in my regular trash. But since trips to the transfer station aren't part of my routine, I've been procrastinating. But I still want the stuff to go away, so I'm getting tempted to just put it my regular trash. Unless... someone can confirm that metal dumpster materials are in fact handled in a less-bad-for-the-planet way than regular trash? Then I'd be re-motivated to make that once-per-year trip to the dump. (And realize just a bit more value for my tax dollars! :-)

That's all, thanks!

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