[LincolnTalk] helicopter ride over Lincoln on the morning of 9/12?

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[LincolnTalk] helicopter ride over Lincoln on the morning of 9/12?

Philip Greenspun

I donated some helicopter rides to charity (see http://philip.greenspun.com/flying/charity-helicopter-r44 ) and, if the weather gods smile, will be doing a couple on Saturday 9/12 in the morning. 

Is anyone on this list interested in a 5- or 10-minute hop around Lincoln from Hanscom Field? We can take three passengers (helicopter seats four people total, including pilot). See

for a bit more explanation (this would be the $99 per-person tour, though I am inviting folks on this list as my guests so ignore the prices).

Looks as though we should have some availability between 9 and 9:30 am and perhaps also around 10:45 and then at 11:40.

Please email me if interested with passenger names, ages, and weights. (These short rides work well for children of all ages; the Boston tour tends to make kids under 5 fall asleep.)


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