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[LincolnTalk] for sale: iPod Touch 128GB 6th gen

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For sale: iPod Touch 128GB in "space grey" aka black. This is a 6th gen iPod which was produced from 2015-2019.

Used but in perfect physical and functional condition (no scratches on the screen or body). The battery is somewhat "tired", which means the ipod's standby-mode life is not super long. (I'm guessing it's about a week). It will charge fully and play music for a decent number of hours, though I suspect if you did screen and/or processor heavy activities (ie games) it would exhaust much quicker.

Includes a set of new (NEVER used) apple earbuds and a silicone shock-protective case but not the USB power cable & block.

Pictures available on request. (But really it just looks like a black rectangle, LOL :-) 

Asking $125, but negotiable.

Please reply if interested or have questions?

Thanks for reading!
Steve Hirsch

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