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[LincolnTalk] You are confirmed for Erica Gonella’s event!

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You replied “attending.”
“Erica Gonella's 40th Birthday”
Saturday, August 29th at 5:00 PM
Add to calendar <a href='https://www.paperlesspost.com/events/13464038-4a7cff04/replies/218618239-a3acbd1c/messages?type=Account&amp;id=405070&amp;name=Erica Gonella&amp;utm_content=message_host&mkey=bGluY29sbkBsaW5jb2xudGFsay5vcmc%3D&utm_campaign=rsvp_confirmation&utm_medium=email&utm_source=event' style='font-weight: 300; color: #a38546; text-decoration: none;'> Message host
Enable images to view Erica Gonella's 40th Birthday Address Location

Our house
227 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln, MA

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