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Burney, Jennifer

Did you know that in the last 2 years we secured over 1.5 million in grant money!? We will continue to apply for grants to help fund many of the initiatives that the SLPIC committee is working on. At The State of the Town Meeting SLPIC gave an update on many of these initiatives. Here is a recap:

In 2017, Lincoln’s Planning Board created a subcommittee: the South Lincoln Planning and Implementation Committee (SLPIC) to work on a wide range of initiatives at Lincoln Station.  SLPIC created four teams to work on various projects: Wayfinding Team, MBTA Team, Village Planning and Zoning Team and Placemaking. Here are some of the items SLPIC has been pursuing.

SLPIC’s goal is to make Lincoln Station a vibrant, mixed use, pedestrian-oriented village center for both residents and visitors alike. 


The Town was recently awarded $400,000 in Complete Streets Grant Funding. This funding provided for:

1.         New Pocket Park with bike racks, bike repair system and granite bench  is now being installed along Lincoln Road and adjacent to the resident computer parking lot;

2.         New wayfinding system;

3.         New sidewalk at Lincoln Station completing a missing link;

4.         Repairs to existing roadside paths (sidewalks) – tree root damage etc. Sections of Routes 117 & 126, Trapelo, Lincoln and Blackburnian Roads;

5.         117/Lincoln Road Intersection Improvements (the new pedestrian islands, crosswalks, pedestrian warning light);

6.         New off road path Baker Bridge Road to Baker Farm Road to connect to the existing trail  network; and

7.         Construction of new path from Lee’s Bridge to Canoe Landing Parking Lot along Route 117.


The SLPIC Wayfinding Team has been working the last year on Branding and Wayfinding at Lincoln Station. The Wayfinding system has a central informational kiosk located at the new pocket park which will lead residents and visitors to Drumlin Farm with stops along the way to Codman Farm and the Codman Estate. Visitors to Drumlin Farm will be lead back to Lincoln Station with stops at Codman Farm and Drumlin Farm. We hope to capture many of the 140,000 annual visitors to Drumlin Farm. It is anticipated that the Wayfinding system will be expanded to include other cultural centers and locations in Lincoln such as the DeCordova Museum and Minuteman National Historical Park.


SLPIC is currently considering zoning changes to promote commercial activity and greater housing density in South Lincoln and design guidelines to assure preservation of Lincoln’s character.  A survey was recently conducted to get community input for these activities.


The Town has been awarded funding of $500,000[1] for the planning and design of the commuter rail facilities at Lincoln Station. Improvements might include ADA improvements, a raised platform to allow entry without stairs, provision of pedestrian shelters and seating, and relocating the inbound stop to the westerly side of Lincoln Road so that both the inbound and outbound stops are on the same side of the road.


The Town has been awarded $311,000[2] in Complete Streets Funding for pedestrian improvements in and around Lincoln Station including a pedestrian connection that will connect Lincoln Station to Codman Farm/Estate, commuter lot improvements including new lighting, a new commuter pay system and expansion of the Wayfinding System.


The Town was awarded a grant that will provide free consulting services to local businesses on business planning and marketing, floor and window displays and more. Lincoln Storefront businesses have been invited to a January workshop and then can work one on one with the consultant.


a.        Currently, a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study is being conducted of the DPW site located on Lewis Street to explore relocating or consolidating operations to free up space for potential housing and/or commercial development. The consultant, Weston and Sampson will give an update to SLPIC sometime in January.


b.       SLPIC will conduct a parking and sewer feasibility study in the near future.



·         The Twisted Tree Café named after the Catalpa Tree located at the library is now open after undergoing extensive renovations. They offer breakfast and lunch. 

·         A new full service restaurant will open /early 2019 taking over the Lincoln Kitchen Space and offer dinner as well as brunch on weekends.  The food will be Contemporary American.  A talented team of 3 will own and operate the restaurant with over 40 years of restaurant and hospitality experience including the former executive chef at The Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton.

·         2 Lewis Street has new owners, 2 Lewis LLC, who have recently completed a total renovation of the exterior and interior spaces and are currently leasing office and retail space.

·         New Start LLC has occupied the newly renovated garage space as office and design space at 10 Lewis Street (The Food Project building).

·         Cambridge West Partners, the new owner of 152 Lincoln Road – now known as The Guide Building - is improving the parking lot with additional spaces and new landscaping.  They are also leasing a newly built office suite.

·         Donelan's Supermarkets is celebrating their 70th anniversary.


We continue to seek your thoughts and ideas through a wide range of participation opportunities. We have conducted public outreach at fairs and gatherings, worked with the elementary and middle school students, residents of Lincoln Woods and Ryan Estates and the senior center. We have also created an interactive website for your feedback. https://courbanize.com/projects/lincoln-revitalization

SLPIC just launched an exciting new way to get your feedback on Lincoln Station! Look for signs like these posted around Lincoln Station asking questions about your preferences for the future of Lincoln Station on various topics such as would you like to see a new pay by phone pay system for commuter parking or where should new bike racks be located. We need to hear your ideas and suggestions so please participate by texting in your answer to post a response to this site.




To learn more about these initiatives please visit the town’s website at www.www.lincolntown.org


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me by email [hidden email], phone 781-259-2684 ext. 8124, text via the sign prompts, or visit coUrbanize at https://courbanize.com/projects/lincoln-revitalization where you can provide comments.


Thank you!!


Jennifer L. Burney

Director of Planning and Land Use

Town of Lincoln, MA

Town Office
16 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, MA  01773

Ph: 781-259-2610 ext 8124
Email: [hidden email]

Town website: http://www.lincolntown.org

Land Use Projects & Applications: http://www.lincolntown.org/index.aspx?nid=252


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”.

Margaret Mead

[1] Bond Funding approved by the State but not released by the Executive Office for Administration and Finance

[2] Bond Funding approved by the State but not released by the Executive Office for Administration and Finance

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