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[LincolnTalk] Talent Show is on WEDNESDAY

Achla Gandhi
Hi Again!
Just as a reminder, the Kids4Covid Talent Show will be live on zoom at 5:15 pm (entrance starts at 5:00) on December 23rd. We have over twenty groups performing. We were just two high schoolers with a dream, these kids (and their parents) put in the time and effort to make it a reality so it would mean a lot if we could all support them. I may be a little biased but it is definitely worth the watch. We have already raised 795 dollars for 'Save the Children' and request that everyone who attends contribute to our fundraiser. However, even just your attendance helps us come a little closer to our goal to bring the Lincoln community together for a good cause. If you cannot attend the live show we are planning to upload a recording of the show onto youtube as unlisted (only accessible if you have the link) email us if you would like the link.

Link to the fundraiser (help us get closer to our goal of 1,500!):  http://support.savethechildren.org/goto/kids4covid

Happy holidays and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!!
Achla Gandhi (Senior at LSRHS)

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