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Ruth Ann Hendrickson
Well, this time someone is taking them to the Waltham Women's shelter.
But here are the other suggestions I got:

o  Food pantry at St. Joseph's

o  Rosie's Place always needs these items.
They have a drop off at 889 Harrison Ave., Boston. You may be able to drop
your things off right at Magic Garden Children's Center. They often collect
for Rosie's Place.

o  The Sudanese Circle of Giving that helps struggling single Sudanese women and their families.

o  530 Main Street (Route 27) Acton ---- HGRM  is a charity that collects
house hold goods and redistributes them to battered women and many
others who are setting up new homes but lack money.

o You can drop them off at Bemis and they are given to the domestic
violence Services.

o  Concord Prison Outreach.

So don't let those products you don't use anymore clog up your closets!
Many people who would be thrilled to have them.

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