[LincolnTalk] Solstice Service and Labyrinth Walk this Saturday at First Parish in Lincoln 5PM!

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[LincolnTalk] Solstice Service and Labyrinth Walk this Saturday at First Parish in Lincoln 5PM!

Alexis Jette

Saturday, December 21st at 5PM

Join us for the celebration of the longest night of the year and the return of the light as the days begin to lengthen.

Our modern Christmas traditions include many which date back to earlier Celtic and Germanic winter celebrations. Some of these are Christmas trees, Yule logs, holly, ivy, mistletoe, the colors of green, red, and white, lighting of fire, and a memory of death, sacrifice and rebirth.

In the Solstice service, we celebrate the ancient connection of humans to nature and to the yearly cycle of darkness and rebirth of light , traditions shared by many nature religions throughout the world. We include the Abbots Bromley horn dance, which has been preformed for more than 900 years. Traditional music, dancing, and lighting of candles in the dark make this a very special part of our religious winter celebration.

We also invite you to walk a labyrinth, an ancient symbol of wholeness, which will be open in the Parish House for one hour before and one hour after this service. Walking the labyrinth is a special form of meditation that helps us focus on the connection of the inner self to the rhythmic patterns of the natural world.

Please do join us for refreshments after the service as well.

For more info on Solstice and Christmas services:

Alexis Jette Borggaard

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