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Jena Salon
Hi Everyone, 

The self-defense classes these past two months have been so popular, that we are planning to run two sessions early next year.  I know this seems early, but the classes fill up, so please respond ASAP if you want to sign up.

The courses will be TWO nights each for THREE hours (this is a flip from the last two sessions which have been 3 classes for 2 hrs each).  The first night we will go over basic safety and then learn basic self-defense tactics and moves.  The second night we will practice the tools we've learned and then an officer will suit up in full pads and we will go through common scenarios where you will be "attacked" and need to fight your way out.   This last night is intense but amazing!  

Please let me know which session you would like to attend and I will do my best to accommodate you.  I'm hoping these dates are far enough in advance that you can secure childcare if necessary.  

Session A:
Feb 26 and March 5 6-9

Session B:
March 12 and March 19 6-9

Thanks so much!  Please feel free call me with any questions or concerns <a href="tel:215-514-5963" value="+12155145963" target="_blank">215-514-5963.


PS- Here's what people who took classes recently had to say:

“I thought the course was extremely valuable and covered a wide range of personal safety issues, from ways to keep my home safer to raising my own awareness in common situations to utilizing the most effective and least energy-intense physical maneuvers. I benefited from practicing the maneuvers and found myself realizing that muscle-memory is going to be really important should I ever need to call on these skills. A regular practice makes a lot of sense; a refresher course once a year would be the minimum I'd want to participate in…it is a great community service."

“I encourage everyone to attend this class.  Officers Stewart and Spencer are terrific.  They have a genuine interest in teaching you and they want you to be prepared for anything.  They present real-life scenarios and teach the class in a very welcoming manner.  It's an exciting class and the officers are very well spoken and excited to teach.  They want to boost your confidence level, have you be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to react.  This class is not meant to scare you but to open your eyes and prepare you.  We have a quiet town here but you never know what will happen when you go to Boston, the mall parking lot or to the local ATM.  You will discuss real life events and situations. Officers Stewart and Spencer are incredibly friendly and energetic and they will give you a class to never forget!  I highly recommend this class to you. “

“For starters it was actually fun--in an adrenalin sport sort of way.   Laura and Ian were such professionals: skilled, supportive, open, funny, really perfect. It's very clear they care deeply about empowering women in this arena.  We were trained to be aware, set boundaries and move through fear.  I think of myself as a strong, confident person and it really surprised me how hard it was to use an aggressive voice and actually fight back.  And the amazing thing was that we all were transformed into trash mouthed, badass Ninjas in three short classes!!!"

“I have always been someone who feels nervous and imagines "worst case scenarios", and have often thought of taking a self-defense class, but felt too nervous to do it. When I finally decided to take the class with the Lincoln Police I went into it with a lot of trepidation. However, from the first moments of the first class Officer Spencer's demeanor and understanding helped me to feel more comfortable. it was clear that he took this seriously and truly wanted to help us feel more safe and more secure in our own strength. That is not to say that all of my fears left me, but Officer Spencer and Laura Stewart recognized my fears, validated them and helped me to face and overcome them to a large extent. Leaving the last class and having been successful, I do feel stronger and more confident, not only in my ability to prevent or escape a potentially violent situation, but in myself in general.” 

"When you are a survivor of sexual abuse, even years later, and even after most of your healing is done, it is difficult to feel safe in the world and in your body. Although I'd always wanted to take a self-defense class I worried that the intensity of going through a situation where I would be "attacked" and have to fight my way out could trigger flashbacks or panic.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have taken the risk to go through this class.  Not only did I have fun and learn to protect myself, but Officers Stewart and Spencer obviously cared deeply for our safety, and reminded me how to trust myself, my instincts and my body."

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