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[LincolnTalk] STAND OUT! Demand alternatives to incarceration

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STAND OUT! Demand alternatives to incarceration

Saturday, January 26, 1 pm Concord Prison Rotary

Join folks from the Assabet River Valley Green-Rainbow Party chapter and the greater Concord community on Saturday, January 26 starting at 1:00 p.m. to standout. We meet at the Rotary near MCI Concord to raise public awareness of the need for alternatives to our current criminal justice and prison systems, including transformative justice, training and education, and the basic human right to mental health care and substance abuse treatment for people in custody.

We will have signs available or bring your own--feel free to stand with us for any amount of time. We usually stand out until 3 p.m. but we may end earlier if it is very cold/windy or the weather is bad.

Parking is available at the rail trail parking lot on Commonwealth Ave. It's about 500 feet from where we stand.

We'll have signs. Just COME!

Jean Palmer
Tower Rd. 

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