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Elder, Peggy

Property Tax Payment Update


Dear Lincoln Taxpayers,


We wish you and your families continued good health during these unsettling times. You have always been diligent and prompt in the payment of taxes, for which we are grateful.  In recognition of the unprecedented nature of the current crisis, we will make every effort, within the constraints of evolving state law, to extend every reasonable courtesy to those who are experiencing financial hardship.


To this end:


·       Tax bills are being mailed this week

·       We ask that taxpayers who are able to pay on time continue to do so.

·       For those who are experiencing financial difficulties, we plan to take advantage of the recent legislation signed by Governor Baker (H # 4974) that allows the town to waive interest and other penalties in the event payment is received after the due date but before June 30, 2020.


We will continue to stay informed regarding relevant changes in state law, and will work with any taxpayer that is experiencing financial difficult in as flexible manner as possible and appropriate.


My staff and I continue to be available to answer questions and to assist.  And we remind you of the ability to pay on-line: https://www.lincolntown.org/859/Real-Estate-Personal-Property-Utility-Bi, by mail or dropped off in the black drop-off box located at the front of Town Offices (facing Lincoln Road).


Krystal Elder, Treasurer/Collector

[hidden email] or 781-259-2605




Peggy Elder

Administrative Assistant to
the Board of Selectmen

And Town Administrator

Town of Lincoln

( Direct 781-259-2601
* Email [hidden email]



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