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[LincolnTalk] Preservation Project on the Library's Twisted Catalpa

Cathy Moritz

The Library’s beloved twisted tree is estimated to be 110 to 120 years old, at least 50 years older than a typical Northern Catalpa.  In a joint project, the Friends of the Lincoln Library (FOLL) and the Lincoln Garden Club (LGC) funded a preservation project that could extend the life of the tree another 20 to 30 years.  With the expert advice of the Arnold Arboretum’s Sean Halloran and professional arborist Jonathan Bransfield, and the approval of Library Trustees and Town officials, extensive preservation work was planned including cabling the upper limbs to help them withstand wind and snow, pruning unstable or dead wood from the canopy, and fertilizing and installing a protective mulch ring around the trunk. 

On Dec 11th, a crew from Bransfield Tree Company spent over four hours in two tall bucket trucks to perform the preservation work.  Jonathan Bransfield retained a videographer who filmed the project and interviewed the crew.  Bransfield promises to make an explanatory video of the project available to all.

In a public presentation sponsored by the LGC, Sean Halloran, head of woody plant propagation at the Arnold Arboretum, gave a talk on the Library’s twisted tree, the cloning project, twisting trees in general, and tree planting tips.  Interested Lincolnites who missed the presentation on November 1st can view it at:


Questions about the project can be directed to Cathy Moritz, Coordinator of the Lincoln Catalpa Committee, at [hidden email].

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