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[LincolnTalk] Postponement of Next Issue of FOLL's Lincoln Phone Directory

Cathy Moritz

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Lincoln Library,

The Lincoln Public Library is a treasured resource that has been especially important to many Town residents during these past ten months as we’ve all weathered the pandemic together.   Our wonderful Library staff has truly risen to the challenge to provide much-needed services and outreach activities to help us stay well, safe, and entertained:  Curb-side book pickup for all; expanded Book Groups and Zoom discussions, supplemented with related films; speakers and special programs for all ages via Zoom; and access, by appointment, to the Archives Room and personal browsing.  We all thank them heartily for their creative ideas in helping us through this difficult time and appreciate their hard work behind the scenes to provide these opportunities.

The Friends of the Lincoln Library (FOLL) is a nonprofit group that raises funds to augment Library items and activities not included in the Town budget.  One important and visible project is the Lincoln Telephone Directory which we publish every two years and distribute to every household.  It’s a valuable resource to Town residents as well as for our many sponsors and has provided a major source of funds for the Library from fees paid by our advertisers.  This year, the FOLL board has reluctantly decided to postpone the Directory for now as we await safer, healthy, and economically more stable times before gathering data and soliciting advertisers.  We ask our readers to hold onto their 2019 issues and continue to patronize our advertisers. The Directory will remain a valuable resource, just not quite as up-to-date.

We thank everyone who supports our Library—patrons, supporters, business sponsors, staff, and volunteers—and wish you all Happy and Healthy Holidays and New Year!

Be well,

David Levington, President

Friends of the Lincoln Library

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