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Hello Lt,


I love seeing the horses and animals in the park. However, I have noticed A LOT of horse droppings and dog droppings (not from my dog who is small). I noticed one resident who has a poodle who drives to Pierce house, lets her dog run loose in the yard to poop, than leaves. This is unacceptable and I would appreciate whoever does this to please bag their dogs droppings or not take them to do their business on the pierce house lawn.


I also notice that some people will pick up the poop, than leave the bag on the lawn, as well as their cans of drinks and other beverage bottles. There is a dumpster in the back lot that can be used as well as several trash cans in the park.


I want to politely ask everyone who takes their furry friends to the pierce house to pick up after them and yourselves. From now on, I will be monitoring the grounds and our visitors to ensure the pierce house grounds are being respected.


Also, you may have noticed I recently re paved the driveway and had some new grass planted. I want to remind patrons to not park on the grass. It ruins the lawns and will cause the driveway to break down. In these trying time, I hope that all of us as Lincoln Residents can respect the grounds so it can be used for decades to come.



Victoria Otis


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