[LincolnTalk] PARENTS - "Children and Cyber Safety" presentation on Friday

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[LincolnTalk] PARENTS - "Children and Cyber Safety" presentation on Friday

Margit Griffith
Children and Cyber Safety
Friday, October 16 at 8pm
Adrianne Simeone of The Mamma Bear Effect (https://themamabeareffect.org/) will present and discuss "Children and Cyber Safety". The Mamma Bear Effect is an organization dedicated to educating families about sexual abuse and children's body safety.
With our children engaging more online, Adrianne will share her perspectives on what is of real concern and we'll consider tips and tricks to help children make safer choices. The discussion will be most applicable to parents of children 8+, but everyone/anyone is welcome. We hope you will invite your friends to attend... this is for anyone who would like to learn more about keeping children safer online.

Zoom Link can be found here: (scroll to Upcoming Events)

Margit Griffith, M.Ed.
Director of Religious Education
First Parish in Lincoln
781-259-8118  x112

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