[LincolnTalk] Lovelane Fundraiser Sat. June 8th 6:30 pm, Hessie Swain & Mary Crowe Perform Live!

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[LincolnTalk] Lovelane Fundraiser Sat. June 8th 6:30 pm, Hessie Swain & Mary Crowe Perform Live!

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Dear Fellow Lincolnites, Friends & Neighhhbors, 

Please join us, Saturday night, June 8th, at 6:30 pm, at 18 Cerulean Way here in Lincoln, for our annual Lovelane Special Needs Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Run for Love fundraiser (the 2nd largest nonprofit here in Lincoln)!! 

My fellow Lovelane board member & fundraising partner, Allison Moskow, and I are on fire this year!

This year’s madness will be:

Champagne with Chicks!

Inline image

A glittery, adults only cocktail party for Lovelane with a herd of adult, miniature farm animals on the loose in Joanna’s house and backyard:

Women, wear anything with lace, shimmer, sparkle or shine! 

Enjoy a chance to get dressed up & cuddle an adult Emu, miniature donkey, goat, horse, sheep, pig, puddleduck & alpaca!

Catch up with friends, neighbors and other Lovelane enthusiasts while listening to two live musical groups led by professional Lincoln musicians, Hessie Swain & Mary Crowe!

We will have hors d’ eauvers, champagne, wine, and a raffle of course!

Minimum donation to attend is $100 per guest.

Please RSVP no later than Sunday June 2nd. 

Please click the link below to donate, or copy the link below and paste it into your browser:



Joanna Schmergel & Allison Moskow

Partners in Crime

Lovelane Weekly Volunteers, Fundraisers, & Board Members


Champagne for Chicks

Fundraiser for Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding 

Saturday Evening, June 8th, 6:30 pm

$100 minimum donation to Lovelane 

18 Cerulean Way, Lincoln Massachusetts 

<a target="_blank" href="tel:617-645-9059" rel="nofollow" style="box-sizing: inherit; outline: 0px; caret-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);">617-645-9059


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