[LincolnTalk] Lincoln Public Health Team COVID – 19 Vaccine Rollout Plan Update

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[LincolnTalk] Lincoln Public Health Team COVID – 19 Vaccine Rollout Plan Update

Dan Pereira

The Lincoln Public Health Team is actively monitoring the Commonwealth’s vaccine rollout plan and is developing its own plan to help ensure that our residents have access to the vaccine as soon as it is available, consistent with the rollout priorities that have been established by the State Department of Public Health (DPH).

Rollout Status In Lincoln

Consistent with the vaccination priorities established by the Commonwealth, the residents and staff of The Commons recently received the first dose of the vaccine.  We are receiving reports from many of our residents who are employed in the healthcare industry confirming that the vaccination process within hospitals and other health care facilities is well under way.  Our police, fire and emergency medical personnel are scheduled to receive the vaccine this week. 

The next priority populations include citizens age 65 and older, teachers and other school personnel, and our public health and public health workers.  The vaccine is expected to be available to these populations in the beginning of February in a phased out approach as indicated above. 

Vaccine Providers

The Commonwealth’s plan anticipates that primary care physicians (PCPs) and pharmacies will be the backbone of the vaccine delivery system.  Residents are encouraged to communicate early with their PCP. 

The Town’s Public Health Team is also planning to file a plan with State DPH and to request authorization to conduct town-sponsored vaccination clinics to augment the work of PCPs and pharmacies.  Assuming that our plan receives state approval, residents will be able to sign up to receive the vaccine at a local clinic as the vaccine is made available to the town. 

We will be providing additional detail about our clinics as information becomes available.  In the meantime, residents are again urged to be in communication with their PCPs and to continue to refer to the DPH COVID-19 website  at Mass.gov and to monitor the Town’s COVID-19 page at lincolnpublichealthnews.com.   Questions should be directed to Tricia McGean, Public Health Nurse, at [hidden email]

For the Town’s Public Health Team,


Tricia McGean, Public Health Nurse

Patricia Miller, Board of Health

Timothy Higgins, Town Administrator

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