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It's hard to believe that it's that time of year again for those of us who celebrate Christmas.
Last year this idea was a big success! An inexpensive way to fill part of your child's stockings with festive looking Christmas toys!
Through Oriental Trading Company the toys come in packs of 1 dozen so the savings for everyone is significant when everyone buys as a group.
Below I have put together a stash of 10 toys that we can all buy with 12 people (actually 12 children if you choose them for more than one of your kids) If we go over the 12 as we did last year we will start another order and let you know if we have enough people for a second order.

To see the items, type in www.orientaltrading.com and type in the item number listed next to the description below. 

These toys can add sparkle to even an older child's stocking
Each order will contain 1 of the following items per child: 

Plush Realistic Arctic Animal Bean Bag OD-4/2623

Holiday Character with Pop Out Eyes OD-4/5224

Santa's Sleigh Pull back Racer OD-4/8079

Holiday Rubber Duck OD-4/4122

Back Scratcher OD-27/696

Snowman Foam Putty OD-13622855

Holiday Paper Airplane OD-4/5697

Candy Cane Pen OD-4/5741

Winter fun loop bracelet with charm OD-13650375

7 pieces of Chocolate Gold Coins OD-K1410

The price for one of these sets is $7.68 (less than $1 per item) 

If you would like to participate, email Sarah Finsthwait ([hidden email] ).  Please include your name, number of children (sets) you would like and your email. 

Payable at time of delivery.

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