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I thought my computer might have been hacked or compromised,
but I didn't know who or where to get to help.
after weeks of calling around,
a friend recommended a great computer security guy, and I thought I'd pass on his name to you.

He does all his work from his home office in Jamaica Plain.
You don't even have to leave your own home
or drop your computer off somewhere for a few days.
Because Adam can remotely take control of your computer screen.

He worked with me by phone and my computer
to run some malware programs while I watched,
gave me security recommendations, 
help me set up a random password generator,
gave me two different ways to backup my data,
answered all my questions,
and taught me a lot in just an hour!

He also works with non-profits, 
and the disabled.

He is very patient,
and loves to teach people, not just fix their computers for them.
He can handle emergencies, viruses, hacking issues and lost data.

I recommend him highly.
his name is Adam Frost
and he charges $85/hour for individuals.

his number is 617-522-1049

Katherine Mierzwa

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