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Yes, this was an unusual 4th.
But, when pulling into the Hartwell parking lot and seeing all who showed up, in good spirits, to express joy and community solidarity in a variety of ways, my heart rose.

Yes, the “floats” were not the usual boards and committees displaying their wit and creative talent…or not.
But, the decorated cars showed spirit, real spirit!

Then as we proceed around town, to be greeted by the Minutemen in various locations, with music and muskets…now that was a real treat!
Their  creativity was on display in being able to be present in a variety of locations, reminding us of the original spirit of the 4th…our origins in 1776.
And they also made the Declaration relevant today-reminding us of work yet to be done in this beautifully done video:

So, to all who helped organize (Park & Rec) and guide us safely (Public Safety), and to those who jumped into the spirit of it (participants and observers) and especially to the Lincoln Minutemen for reminding us what it is all about, I say...


Sara Mattes

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