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[LincolnTalk] Heat Pump group buy 2019 | Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Belinda Gingrich-2
Dear LincolnTalks,

Are you in the market for a new heating or cooling system? The Green Energy Consumer’s Alliance has started a new program. You can register with them and they will put you in contact with a couple of installers for air sourced heat pumps. Super efficient, qualifying air sourced heat pumps heat and cool homes for much less than oil or propane, don’t contribute to fracking (as Lincoln moves to 100% green electricity), and are much more efficient than electric baseboard heat.

 Here’s the link to sign up and get started. 

Heat pumps don’t heat your home but transfer the heat from outside into your home in the winter. In the summer, like an air conditioner, they take the heat from inside your home and transfer it outside. There are great incentives for this technology. If you have questions check out https://www.lincolngreenenergy.org/
where they talk about the HeatSmart program.

Stay Warm,

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