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[LincolnTalk] Fwd: Situational Awareness Statement #2: Tropical Storm Isaias – Forecast and Readiness Actions

Bob Antia

-Bob Antia

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency


DATE: August 1, 2020
TIME: 5:00 PM
SUBJECT: Tropical Storm Isaias – Forecast and Readiness Actions

Note: Blue text denotes updates since the previous SAS.


As of 5:00 PM, Tropical Storm Isaias was located 115 miles east of Fort Lauderdale, with maximum sustained winds of 70 MPH and a minimum central pressure of 993 mb.


Isaias is moving toward the northwest near 10 MPH, and a general northwestward motion with some decrease in forward speed is expected for the next day or so. On the forecast track, the center of Isaias will approach the southeast coast of Florida tonight and move near or along the east coast of Florida Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, the center of Isaias will move quickly from offshore of the coast of Georgia into the southern mid-Atlantic states.


Isaias is expected to regain Hurricane strength tonight. Slow weakening is expected to begin Sunday night and continue through Monday.


If the current forecast holds, Isaias will be approaching the New England coast by Tuesday evening , but a great deal of uncertainty still remains with both the track of the storm and how quickly it may move up the coast. The location and magnitude of impacts will depend on Isaias’ actual track and intensity as it approaches New England, but may include rip currents, high winds of 40 MPH or greater with gusts up to 60 MPH, bands of 2-4 inches of heavy rain with locally higher amounts of up to 6 inches, and potentially areas of minor to moderate coastal flooding. Typically, the heaviest rain occurs to the west of the storm track and the strongest winds and storm surge occur to the east of the storm track.


Tropical Storm Force Wind Probabilities (through 2:00 PM 8/06):

  • Nantucket: 32%
  • Hyannis: 28%
  • Boston: 28%
  • Worcester: 28%
  • Springfield: 27%


Watches, Warnings, Advisories (as of 5:00 PM 8/01):

There are no active watches, warnings, or advisories in effect for Massachusetts. Watches or warnings associated with Isaias would be issued approximately 36-48 hours before the expected onset of impacts.



cone graphic


time of arrival graphic


Readiness Actions:

  • MEMA is coordinating daily conference calls with NWS, ESF partners, and local and state officials to discuss the forecast for Isaias, potential impacts, and state/local preparedness actions.
  • Electric utilities are currently securing external crews from the other New England states as well as from Canada. All electric utilities will continue implementing their COVID-19 protocols throughout the entirety of the event.
  • MEMA is currently working on a cross border letter to allow Eversource to bring in additional crews from Canada.
  • Eversource readiness actions:
  • Conducting Incident Management Team calls
  • Preparing staffing plans and mobilizing crews
  • Securing external crews
  • Planning to prestage crews on Martha’s Vineyard starting Monday
  • National Grid readiness actions:
  • Conducting planning process and securing additional resources
  • Crews will be prestaged on Nantucket starting Monday
  • As the forecast develops, resourcing plans will be refined as appropriate
  • Unitil readiness actions:
  • Conducting storm planning calls
  • Began alerting employees and external contractors
  • Plan to make additional resource decisions as the forecast is refined
  • MEMA is in regular contact with its two contracted COVID-19 isolation/quarantine hotels in Northampton and Everett regarding housing possible Isaias evacuees who are COVID-19 positive. These facilities have a combined occupancy of 27 (as of 12 PM today) and a total capacity of 164 individuals.
  • DCR and the Barnstable County REPC are closely monitoring state parks on Cape Cod out of concern that campers may become stranded if parks close.
  • DCR is staging 2 chainsaw certified staff on Martha’s Vineyard from Tuesday through Wednesday night.
  • Shelter supplies, MREs, and food boxes are staged at MEMA’s State Logistics Warehouse in Franklin for deployment into communities as needed. The Warehouse will deliver additional PPE and other supplies to COVID-19 isolation/quarantine hotels prior to expected impacts from Isaias.
  • MEMA is coordinating with key partners and vendors to ensure a forward-leaning posture.
  • The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) will remain at Level 1 (Steady State Monitoring) through the weekend but may transition to Level 2 (Partial Activation) as soon as Monday, depending on updated forecasts.  MEMA will continue to monitor the progress of Isaias over the weekend and will disseminate an updated Situational Awareness Statement each day around 5:00 PM, with additional spot reports as needed. 


Preparedness and Safety Information


Stay Informed:

Utilize MEMA’s real-time power outage viewer to stay informed about current power outages in your community and region, and across the state, including information from utility companies about restoration times: http://mema.mapsonline.net/public.html

Utilize MEMA’s live weather radar and forecasting tools: http://www.mass.gov/map-resources

Online Resources:
For additional information and resources, visit:
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at
MEMA's Facebook page:
MEMA Twitter:
Federal Emergency Management Agency at
National Weather Service/Norton at
National Weather Service/Albany, NY at
National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center:
National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center: 
Mass211 at




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