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[LincolnTalk] Fwd: Have you seen our lost dog?

Rosemary Lloyd
On behalf of our neighbors:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Kevin Jarrell <[hidden email]>
Date: Sun, May 12, 2019 at 4:20 PM
Subject: Have you seen our lost dog?

One of our dogs is missing.  We have an underground fence but it seems he went through it.  He is not coming to our calls, and we have driven around town several times without any luck.  We're not completely certain that his tags are still on his collar.  We are hoping that one of our neighbors may have taken him in.

Snickers is a pit mix rescue dog.  Very friendly.  Brown.  He's the one staring at my coffee in the attached photo.

Is there any chance you would be willing to distribute this message and attachment to the community?

We live at 19 Moccasin Hill.  Cell phone numbers are:
Brenda:  617 901 2529
Kevin:  617 512 2638
Will:  781 296 7922

Thank you!

Brenda Herschbach Jarrell, PhD JD
Chair, Intellectual Property
Co-Chair, Life Sciences
Choate, Hall & Stewart
2 International Place
Boston, MA 02110
tel:  617 248 5175
cell:  617 901 2529
email: [hidden email]

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