[LincolnTalk] Fall Ball- September 7 at Bemis Hall! Come Dance with the Sudanese!

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[LincolnTalk] Fall Ball- September 7 at Bemis Hall! Come Dance with the Sudanese!

Susan Winship-2

Come Dance, Raise Funds  and meet the South Sudanese Community!

On September 7 there will be a "Fall Ball"  from 7-1030 PM at Bemis Hall in Lincoln hosted by the South Sudanese community. There is no cost or registration  for this event except to bring a dish to share. There will be a DJ ,dancing and speeches from the children who went to camp this summer and the South Sudanese leaders. There will be "South Sudanese" fund raising at this event. Most families will contribute between $50 - $200 towards the programs for the children. People will be asked to put money into a hat while the group dances. Currently we have a $10,000 matching gift for  programs for the children. 

Each year the South Sudanese gather to raise funds for the programs that SSEF (The South Sudanese Enrichment for Families) provides for the South Sudanese children. The money raised will be used for our preschool and camp scholarship program and the Saturday Bridges Program . Each year for many many years the South Sudanese children receive scholarships to go to sleep away camp for one or two weeks. This summer SSEF sent 30 children to Camp Calumet and Camp Merrowvista. The kids report that they loved the experience! They learned so much and learned to be away from home. Quite an experience for the whole family!

This is our second year that SSEF will give scholarships for the preschool program. SSEF encourages all families with 3 and four year olds to go to preschool at least tree days a week. This year SSEF is paying $25,000 for preschool scholarships and almost $14,000 in summer camp scholarships.

The whole family participates in the Saturday Bridges Program which is an educational program for the whole family. We have an infant program and a preschool program using the PODS at the Hartwell campus.The elementary school kids enjoy Drumlin Farm while the parents have classes which focus on parenting skills and understanding the school system as well as classes on financial literacy  and presentation skills needed to find a job. SSEF connects South Sudanese with tutors as needed.All of these programs are held in Lincoln 8 times a year .

On a cultural note- the program starts at 6:30 but most Sudanese will not come until 8. SSEF is looking for volunteers for registration and to help with the kid programs which will be at First Parish Church . The kids will enjoy wood working, art,  and movies .Animals will be brought to First Parish Church by Drumlin Farm for the kids to to touch, see and learn!

If you have questions call Susan Winship 781-424-8774 or Laper Kom at 978-332-6881

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