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[LincolnTalk] FS tall bearded iris plants $5 for 10 plants

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I'm turning my perennial flower beds 
into cutting flower beds.
and am ready to give up my treasured bearded iris.

healthy, mature rhizomes.
lavender and dark purple flowers in late may.
flower stalks grow to 30" tall
spiky green foliage all season
fantastic sweet flower fragrance

plant need full sun to bloom.
iris don't like fertilizers or highly acidic soil.
space them at least 12" apart.
they will need to be divided every 3-4 years;
it's a task that I enjoy doing.

I have just dug my plants up, 
combed the roots free of soil and weeds,
divided them,
cut off any soft spots,
dipped the cut ends in sulphur powder to inhibit rot,
cut the leaves down to promote root growth,
and let them dry out a bit.
they are all ready for you to plant.

$5 for a bag of 10 rhizomes + a few baby plants.
I have a dozen bags of plants to share.

how to plant:

Bearded iris should be grown in a sunny location with good drainage. If replanting in the same location, remove any debris and incorporate compost first. Space the divisions 12-18″ apart. Iris are often placed in groups of three divisions arranged in a triangle, with each fan of leaves pointing away from the other irises in the group.

To plant the rhizomes, prepare a shallow hole with a low mound in the center. You may add bone meal to the bottom of the hole but since iris are not heavy feeders additional fertilizer is not needed in all soils. The rhizome should be placed horizontally on the mound, spreading the roots down the mound into the surrounding trench. The plant will grow from the end which has the fan of leaves, so point the rhizome accordingly in the direction you want it to grow. Then fill in the hole, leaving the top of the rhizome barely exposed or just covering it with no more than an inch of soil.

Bearded iris is susceptible to root rot if buried too deeply. Tamp down the soil and water thoroughly after planting. Keep the soil moist but not wet until new foliar growth occurs. Newly planted iris should be mulched their first winter (after the ground freezes) to prevent damage to the rhizomes from alternate freezing and thawing. Remove the mulch in early spring. Transplanted iris will only bloom sparsely the first spring after replanting.  (from the university of Wisconsin)

Here's a video that show you how to make the mound:

contactless pickup
Katherine mierzwa

I don't have a photo of the flowers,
but this is how I remember their coloring:

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