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[LincolnTalk] FS 2 rainwater collecting barrels - $55 each

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2 recycled black 
55-gallon storage barrels 
with spigots 
that can be turned into rain collecting barrels,
to water your garden
or to collect and hold water for farm animals.

a rain barrel is a simple plastic barrel that collects rainwater
from a downspout on your house, garage, shed or barn. 
you connect a hose to the spigot on the bottom
and you can use the water to gently water your garden.

these are food-grade barrels,
that were used to store and ship pickles
and I haven't used them at all.

one has a solid lid on top.
one has a lid that I drilled holes in already.
to use as a rain barrel, you need a lid with holes;
the plastic is easy to drill.
(I can drill holes in the other lid 
for anyone who wants holes.)
they also come with a piece of fiberglass screening
to keep insects out.

42"tall x 20" wide

$55 each
cash only, please.
(new rain barrels sell for $80 -$150)

contactless pickup
Katherine mierzwa

this Hyde Park MA company 
has great videos that show how easy it is 
to connect and use a rain barrel:

you can use tin snips or a hack saw
to cut your current downspout and insert the diverter
for the rain barrel.

where to buy a save the rain downspout inverter:

the pictures below show the barrels when they were wet;
they are not so dark black or shiny.
more like the dull black of a classroom blackboard.

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