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[LincolnTalk] Excellent Books for Sale Every Day at the Lincoln Library

Catherine Moritz
Thank you to all the Lincolnites who came to yesterday's book sale at Bemis Hall!  The proceeds from your purchases of books and puzzles go to support programming and special equipment at the Library.

It's a "whole 'nuther" month until the next Bemis sale (Sat, Feb 8th).  But, in the meantime, remember that our "best books"* are for sale every day in the Lincoln Library lobby.  Just $2.00 per book.

*By  "best books" we mean recently-published non-fiction and fiction books in excellent condition.  Each Tuesday FOLL volunteers sort all the books donated in the Bemis entry-way, and we move the very best of them to the Library carts for immediate sale to Lincoln buyers.

A thousand thanks to all our Lincoln supporters:  both buyers and book donors!

Cathy Moritz
Book Sale Manager
Friends of the Lincoln Library

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