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[LincolnTalk] Don't underestimate nettles

Diana Abrashkin
Maybe USA nettles are mild-mannered and cause a very short-lived rash, but foreign nettles can cause a lot of lasting pain.

In the Caribbean I've had delicious nettle soup and I think cooking gets rid of their stinging capacity.  They are in the mint family and can have pretty little flowers.

In Tibet omce, I saw some pretty flowers, and ignorantly picked a bouquet. How awful the pain in my hand was! Took plenty of handwashing and a long time before the sting went away.

I just found a recipe for Cream of Nettle Soup in The Joy of Cooking, which begins "Wearing rubber gloves . . . . ."

Cheers, Diana

Diana Abrashkin, Registered Architect
US telephone (781) 259-0203

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