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[LincolnTalk] Do you know these children?

Margit Griffith

Dear LincolnTalkers;


The Lincoln Station Post Office was delighted to receive letters to Santa this season. In turn, there are some replies which need just a little more information. It seems Santa thinks the Post Office operates as he does, and there are only first names of children to go by. The PO needs addresses in order to send along the replies.


Felix – who asked for Pokemon toys, books, and Legos - including a custom “Charsard” (hope his Pokemon dreams came true!)

Sophie – who asked for an Alexa, a real cat, and something from CVS (couldn’t make out the writing – other things on the list, too)

Julian – who’s list included “key, gum, flashlight, gem” (I want to party with this kid!)


I’m really looking for replies from the parents of these kids. Alternatively, you can check-in with the folks at the Lincoln Station PO.


Yours in Community,



Margit Griffith, M.Ed.

Director of Religious Education

First Parish in Lincoln

781-259-8118 x12

(pronouns: she/her/hers)

Generally, I am in the office:
Sun 8-1; Tue 9-4; Wed 9-4; Thu 9-4; Fri 11-4


Oportet nos quaerere ut inveniam.


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