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[LincolnTalk] Did you know (a/k/a Fertile Valley)

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Sally Kindleberger wrote: “

"Don't forget Lincoln's Mount Olympics - a top of Bedford Road!”

Question to Sally, Jeff Eaton and others:

Is it correct that the final score among the four houses along the east side of the road was Eatons 5, Kindlebergers 4, Hecks 4 and Pughs 3?

And is it also correct that, since then, none of us or other subsequent neighbors a top the Mount have ever produced more than 2 offspring? 

In the ‘Eighties Sally’s father very kindly tolerated the request of the eight Dreisbach/Okin/Schatzberg/Young kids to use a shed of his as a sort of neighborhood clubhouse. He said he was used to having lots of kids around.

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