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[LincolnTalk] Blue lady parakeet needs new home

K.P. Nichols
Dear Lincoln,

A few months ago, Ms. Parakeet was a happy-go-lucky, chirpy girl, three years old, devoted to her friend and cage-mate, a young male.  They gossiped, preened and chatted the live-long day.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Parakeet escaped from their happy home into the jaws of the family, leaving her widowed, alone, and depressed.  We know, because she's stopped talking.

On her behalf, we're looking for a new home. 

She needs a family that already resides with at least one parakeet or is willing to commit to acquiring a parakeet to keep her company.  And one that has no dogs or cats:)

She's not yet finger-tamed, but could be.
Please call Lincoln resident Kathy Gimbel x0525 with questions.

With thanks,
Kathleen P. Nichols

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