[LincolnTalk] Bergen/Flint family relatives seeking Christmas week house rental

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[LincolnTalk] Bergen/Flint family relatives seeking Christmas week house rental

Sara Franklin
Hi all,

This is Sara (Bergen) Franklin writing. I'm Nancy Bergen and Eph Flint's niece-- my mom, Cabby (a Bergen) grew up on McIntosh Lane and, over the decades, we've always gathered in Lincoln to celebrate Christmas. Our growing, extended families have outgrown the family home, though!

My family is seeking a house in Lincoln for rent over the Christmas week-- ideally December 23-26, perhaps until the 27th-- for me, my husband, our three-year old twins, and our two dogs. If space allows, we'd also love to have my brother and sister in law stay with us as well.

We'll really just be using the home as a resting place, as we'll be spending all day at the Flint family farm with Nan, Eph and their crew. 

We're open to anywhere in town, but the closer to the farm the better!

Please respond with any leads to me at [hidden email] or you can call/text at (914) 671-4070.

Thank you so much!



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