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Fred Hopengarten-2

A memory of George H.W. Bush in Lincoln:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156835737847748&set=a.10156742140427748&type=3&eid=ARDH_BnSqTyvfMKgBQlWvi-MKT9koczHQ_2LwlPcJS7wKEagXr07QXefbN1qTYfdhFU3dB5q6Z1mvzDU




President Bush was in town to visit with his sister and then they would all go on to a family wedding in the Berkshires. They went out for a walk and came upon my son's T-ball game on the playground of the Lincoln School. He asked if he could join and play some ball. After a while, his wife and sister tired of watching George play baseball and announced that they were going back to Nancy's house. Pres. Bush replied that he thought he'd like to stay a while and play some more. This made their Secret Service agent jump into action, as he couldn't divide himself and be with both. Moments later another Secret Service agent came running through the woods to escort Barbara and Nancy. So how long did the President stay and play ball? As long as he chose to do so. You don't say no to George Bush. May his memory be for a blessing.


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