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[LincolnTalk] “50s” Pest Control Recommendations

John Robinson
Thank you each so much for your recommendations and words of welcome!

For the archives, and because the question was just asked again, here’s a collection of all the responses I received when I asked for a company that will use ladders, and doesn’t need to know where the nest is before coming out. I’ve kept the recommender names and other details off for privacy, but a lot of these came with great anecdotes and personal notes.

Justin Hedlund
Owner & Entomologist
Bionomic Pest Solutions

Karla Tomlinson (recommended multiple times)
Aardvark Solutions

Greenhow Pest Control (recommended several times over)
(617) 964-4733

Green Planet Pest Control (personal plug: these guys are great, but don’t use ladders currently)
(617) 535-1943

Bee Busters
978 263-2663

NW Pest
877 466 9737

Pesky Critters

- John

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