[LincolnTalk] $500 Worth of Complete Leopard Gecko Supplies $199 for Lincoln METCO!!

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[LincolnTalk] $500 Worth of Complete Leopard Gecko Supplies $199 for Lincoln METCO!!

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Hi Folks!

For sale for Lincoln METCO, a 501(c)3, is $500 worth of everything you would ever need to care for a Leopard Gecko.

Everything was purchased brand new by the donor, has just been freshly cleaned with Gecko-safe cleaner, and is in excellent condition. All donated by a wonderful woman in Cambridge:

Inline image


Attached to this post is a word document, kindly compiled by our generous donor, listing all 35 items in this package, as well as the brand new price paid for each.

In the event that the lizard-owning lifestyle is not for you, you will feel much better about having paid $199 instead of $500!

* the actual Leopard Gecko is NOT included 

100% of all gross profits goes towards Lincoln Parks & Rec. summer camp scholarships, late buses home, field trips & other enrichment opportunities, such as our First Grade Reading Program , STEM Lego League, and Social Entrepreneurship Program, for our Boston-based, METCO-enrolled K-8 children attending Lincoln Public Schools! 

Please call Joanna to view or purchase:


Free delivery to Lincoln 

Serious inquiries only please. 🦎🦎🦎


Joanna Schmergel 
The Lincoln METCO Coordinating Committee 
Special Projects Fundraising Lead 
Lincoln Massachusetts Public Schools 

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